Jetlev jetpack let’s you fly 30 feet in the air

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Rocketing away in the Jetlev.

Would you believe me if I told you there was a jetpack that used water to let you fly? When I found out about Jetlev, I couldn’t believe it myself! This is how it works. When you go to a body of water – like a beach, lake, or ocean – a table-sized power unit pumps water through a length of hose. It’s not a tiny trickle, either. The water is pumped at a thousand gallons a minute into a pack on your back! The backpack has two handles for you to hold onto, that also double as a nozzle for the water to escape from. Once the water rushes out, it creates a force strong enough to lift you 30 feet up!

“When I was 14 years old,” said Raymond Li, the Jetlev inventor, “I watched James Bond fly a jetpack in the movie Thunderball and I have dreamed of flying one ever since. However, after decades of patiently waiting, jetpack technology didn’t get any closer to mainstreaming personal flight… so, I decided to invent a machine that would.”

What a cool invention! I bet Li didn’t think that people using it would get into trouble, though. The jetpack has become very popular in Hawaii, and fishermen are complaining the it’s scaring all the fish away. The  Department of Land and Natural Resources in Hawaii had to call a meeting last month to talk about how to deal with the complaints.

Images and video courtesy of Jetlev.