Jets ditch the smoke for clean energy fuel

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

boeing plane
Boeing is hoping to fly the friendly skies with friendly fuel!

Did you know that airplanes, like the Boeing 747, can burn up to 1 gallon of gas per second? This means in a typical 10-hour flight, which is 600 minutes long, an aircraft can use as much as 36,000 gallons of fossil fuel! This is a huge problem for aircraft companies for two main reasons. Not only is gas really expensive, it is also a non-renewable resource – it can’t be quickly and easily reused. With planes guzzling so much gas and renewable energies on the rise in other industries, why not find a better fuel for jets?

For Billy Glover, the vice president for global business development and policy at Boeing, the answer is obvious. In fact, he’s proud to say that Boeing has already taken a step in  the right direction: leaving fossil fuels behind and moving towards renewable energy.

“As an industry, we’ve flown 1,500 flights with passengers… with sustainable biofuels,” says Grover.

Unlike regular gas, which is extracted from deep inside of Earth, sustainable biofuels are made from biological materials, like plants. This leafy source of fuel is environmentally cleaner, as it reduces the dangerous amounts of carbon dioxide released into the air we breathe. In addition, it is much cheaper than regular petroleum gas.

So far, Boeing fuels their jets with a careful mix of 50% petroleum gas and 50% biofuels. They’re confident they can get their planes to run on 100% biofuel. That’s 100% good news!