Johnny Manziel autograph drama continues

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

Manziel’s violation of the NCAA amateurism rules – that forbid college athletes from profiting off of things like selling autographs – continues to get juicier. Whether it’s a full-fledged rebellion against the NCAA or just overhyped drama over small-time stuff, remains to be seen, but fans are definitely split on whether Manziel is right or wrong. More sales of the reigning Heisman winner’s autographs rose to the surface, involving a Florida-based dealer named Kevin Freistat.  Six alleged signing sessions have been linked to Manziel by ESPN’s Outside the Lines, with at least one witness claiming that Manziel signed his name more than 4,400 times. Now that Manziel is lawyered up, we’ll keep you posted on the NCAA’s next moves.