Junk food can make you dumber, but fish can help

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

Did you know that eating lots of high fat food can actually make your brain move slower? I mean, we all know that eating lots of junk food can make your body move slower from being fat, but your actual brain can become dumber too.

friesonplateSee, there’s this process in your body called “neurogenesis” that helps create new nerve cells, but high fat diets can get in the way of this.  Nerve cells and your brain are closely linked. After you eat something, your body would normally protect the nerve cells – called “neurons” – and grow more of them, but when you’re eating lots of fat, these neurons can be blocked from entering your brain. Your brain on less neurons? Not a pretty picture. Certainly not a smart one.

So, what’s this got to do with fish? Well, first of all you just shouldn’t be eating high-fat foods. I mean, we all need some fat in our diet, but there’s never really a good reason to wolf down some burger and fries.  Fortunately, if you simply must have yourself some junk food, fish oil can help. A recent study by the University of Liverpool found that “omega-3s” – a good kind of fat found in fish – can come to the rescue in helping those neurons move along. So, next time you have fast food for lunch, consider having some fish. Not fried fish sticks, and not fish tacos, because those are basically junk food. I’m talking a nice fish from the supermarket, or better yet, snatched up from a lake and cooked in your kitchen!