Justin Bieber gets booed at Billboard Music Awards

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

This past Sunday in Las Vegas, at the Billboard Music Awards, Justin Bieber got booed by many of his musical peers.

It happened while he was accepting the first-ever Milestone Award, for being the first 19-year-old with five number one singles on the Billboard 200 – a list of the biggest hits. He defeated both Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars, and also performed twice on stage with his songs “Take You” and “#thatPOWER” with will.i.am.

Despite his performances that night and his impressive sales records, he was shocked that so many booed him on stage.  While wearing sunglasses that Madonna called “pretentious sunglasses” – meaning he seemed to be trying too hard to look special and important – he was momentarily stunned.

After waiting for the audience to calm down a bit, he finally said, “I’m 19 years old. I think I’m doing a pretty good job. And basically, from my heart, I really just want to say it should really be about the music. It should be about the craft, the craft that I’m making… this is not a gimmick. I’m an artist and I should be taken seriously and all this other bull should not be spoken of. I want to thank my manager, Scooter Braun. I want to thank my family at home. I want to thank my mother, my father. I want to thank Jesus Christ.”

This isn’t the first time Bieber’s been booed. He was booed at a recent New York Knicks game, at a concert during his “Believe” world tour when he kept his own fans waiting too long, and at a football game in Canada. See, when you’re as big as Bieber, you need to watch your step. If people think you’re letting it all go to your head, they won’t be cheering you when you win awards! His recent trouble with abandoning a pet monkey, almost getting in a fight with photographers, drama with Selena Gomez, and lashing out at critics on social media are probably somewhat to blame for people disliking him. Even though he’s still got his millions of “beliebers”, if Bieber wants to fix his image for everyone else, he’s got some work ahead of him.

Featured image courtesy of Billboard.