Justin Bieber gets furious during lawyer meeting

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

An Instagram photo Justin Bieber posted of Selena Gomez just last week. No wonder he got so defensive during the deposition – he’s obviously still crushing on her!

Ah, Justin Bieber. It’s been a year of troubles, filled with abandoned pet monkeys, neighborhood vandalism, intoxicated street racing, and bar room brawls. Now, Bieber’s dealing with a lawsuit from a journalist who was allegedly roughed up by his bodyguards, and the misbehaving pop star looked mighty annoyed in recently released clips of last Thursday’s deposition – where lawyers are allowed to ask witnesses questions about a case.

TMZ filmed the 4.5 hours of deposition, and while it’s not always pleasant having to answer questions from an attorney who’s involved in suing you on behalf of his client, Bieber’s reactions went too far. Growing agitated when the lawyer began asking about Bieber’s relations with Selena Gomez, the pop star accused the attorney of being like “Katie Couric” and “60 Minutes”, which are popular news shows. Bieber then began jabbing his finger in the air towards the lawyer, demanding he back off with questions about Gomez, and finally got up in frustration.

Throughout the interview, Bieber continued rolling his eyes, mumbling answers half-heartedly, and drooping in his chair. At one point, he even seemed to fall asleep in his chair!

Images courtesy of Justin Bieber Instagram.