Justin Bieber getting kicked out of United States?

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Bieber black car
Looks like Bieber’s letting the whole “bad boy” image go to his head. Seriously though, all this over a bowtie?

You read the title, you clicked the article, and now you’re wondering “what has Justin Bieber done now?!” Well, we don’t know where to start. If you thought Bieber’s monkey business was bad enough, it’s about to get worse. The Biebs has had a crazy year filled with reckless driving, club fighting, and now… possible deportation. Justin and co. took time out of their busy schedule of partying and being punks to beat up aspiring model Wayne Rennalls at a Hampton bar.

When Newsday caught up with Rennalls for the grody details, he didn’t hold back. “I put my hands up to protect myself, and all of a sudden they [Bieber’s guards] all jumped on me,” he said. “One of Justin Bieber’s friends got disrespectful and got out of the car. He [Bieber] made a scene and all his securities came from another truck. [Justin] got out of the car, came around and kicked me.”

If you think Bieber possibly getting deported is the best part of this debacle, then you haven’t heard the full story yet. Rennalls and several witnesses told multiple magazines that the fight started because of a bowtie. Yeah, we’re rolling our eyes, too. Apparently, Rennalls let a girl hanging around Bieber borrow the bowtie he was wearing, and when he asked for it back, the guards thought he was trying to steal Justin’s girl.

We don’t know why a deportation officer would talk to Star Magazine, but according to immigration attorney Richard Yemm, “If Justin is convicted of assault or battery, he could be refused admission to the United States or be placed into removal proceedings from the United States.”

What did Justin have to say about all of this? His rep says, “He laughed when he heard that he was being investigated, and said that it’ll be a cold day in hell before he’d actually be charged with anything.”

Talk about an insanely inflated ego. Maybe if we close our eyes and count to three, he’ll vanish…

Images courtesy of Justin Bieber Facebook.