Justin Bieber still monkeying around

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Bieber studio

After a notorious blast of complaints from residents living in his area, it seems like Justin Bieber has not learned from his mistakes and continues to be a grade A-Punk. Even animals aren’t safe from the outrageous behavior of the Biebs, because back in May he abandoned his poor pet monkey. Most recently, he was caught trying to sneak into a 21+ nightclub in the meatpacking district of New York City, one of the most happening locations in the Big Apple.

Instead of counting his lucky stars that he didn’t get into major trouble, Justin continued trying to James Bond his way into the next nightclub – and succeeded! After being denied entrance to Griffin Nightclub for being underage, witnesses say that he took off with his entourage – a fancy name for a group of friends – and managed to weasel his way into another club called Catch. He probably went home that night thinking he got away without any consequences, but now his illegal antics are all over the news! Heck, maybe Justin just forgot he wasn’t having a merry old time in his home country of Canada, where it’s okay to drink at age 19.

The situation isn’t a first for Bieber, seeing as he’s tried to get into nightclubs on plenty of occasions without a valid ID. In fact, he got busted earlier in the month partying inside the Chicago club Bodi. After authorities were informed that Justin was in fact on the premises drinking, they went in and kicked him out. Getting tossed out of clubs is probably the least of his worries, however, seeing as he’s also being fined and threatened with a lawsuit for spitting on a DJ in yet another 21+ over club.

Now, we don’t know where it is that Justin Bieber’s gotten the idea that he deserves special treatment, but we’re sure his punkish attitude is only going to worsen with alcohol. If it were up to me, I’d say ‘forget the 21 and over rule,’ and let’s just put up signs that say ‘No Biebers Allowed.’ Here’s to hoping he gets his attitude checked and puts the alcohol down.

Featured image courtesy of Justin Bieber’s Facebook.