Justin Timberlake is the iTunes Artist of the Year

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Lorde image
At just 17 years old, Lorde’s gaining massive respect worldwide for both her musical talents and deep lyrics.

Justin Bieber may consider himself the newly crowned king of pop, but everyone else knows that the title will always belong to Justin Timberlake! Do we really need proof? Not really, but just for kicks: Timberlake dominated the iTunes 2013 awards by snagging the Album of the Year and a spot on the lists for Top Tracks and Top Albums. As if that wasn’t a high enough honor, he also waltzed away with the award for Artist of the Year. Geez, we get it… everything about him is great!

So, if you’re wondering how exactly the iTunes Store Awards work, then let me explain. First of all, iTunes is currently the number one website (or app, I suppose) for musical downloads. Timberlake’s album had the highest amount of downloads for the year, shortly followed by Beyoncé. However, his number 1 selling musical single “Mirrors” is what really helped him jump to the top!

Timberlake wasn’t the only one, though, who ranked high in the iTunes chart! Newcomer and young beauty, Lorde (whose real name is actually Ella Yelich-O’Connor) received the award for Best Song. What song? Well, none other than “Royals,” which features her smooth vocals behind some snappy lyrics that criticize today’s shallow celebrity culture. It’s really nice to see a teenage superstar who isn’t singing about the drug Molly, or constant partying!

If more people focused on their music, and less on their public image, then maybe they too would have an iTunes award! Let’s hope 2014 has less crazy shenanigans and more songs like “Mirrors” and “Royals.”

Featured image courtesy of Justin Timberlake Facebook. Image of Lorde courtesy of Lorde Facebook.