Katie Couric leaving ABC for Yahoo

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Katie Couric and Vince
Katie Couric recently hosted Vince Vaughn on her show.

As the solo anchor for CBS Evening News in 2006, Katie Couric made history as the first ever solo female anchor of a weekday evening news program on one of the “Big Three” (ABC, CBS, and NBC) stations.

Five years later, she started working for ABC news, eventually earning her own talk show, Katie, which aired on September 10, 2012. Now, Couric will be making the move to Yahoo for an interview show that’ll be featured on the site’s homepage.

“Katie is an incredible journalist and this was an opportunity that she couldn’t pass up,” explained an ABC News executive to The Hollywood Reporter. “Thanks to the powerful association between ABC News and Yahoo we know that Katie will continue to work closely with us and welcome her on our air anytime.”

The 56-year-old journalist is just one of the latest well-known content creators that Yahoo’s CEO, Marissa Meyer, is trying to attract. Since Yahoo itself has been struggling somewhat, talent like David Pogue, a tech writer for The New York Times, has been brought in to increase the site’s quality and popularity. Before Pogue’s switch in October, Megan Lieberman was snatched from The New York Times to head up Yahoo News, and the company said she would lead “a major expansion of Yahoo News, bringing in new voices and defining features for the site. She will focus primarily on original reporting, social news gathering, video and live events coverage.” Man, talk about stealing top people from major news organizations! They must be offering some incredible salaries.


Images courtesy of Katie Couric Twitter.