Katy Perry’s music video for “Unconditionally” releases

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Katy Unconditionally
I’m guessing the big crosses are a metaphor for spiritual love.

Katy Perry, who usually has a clear story going on in her music videos, decided to try something different for the “Unconditionally” vid that released on Wednesday. Perry waltzes across the dance floor in a fancy ballroom, dressed in dazzling silks and golden earrings, as she sings about unconditional love.

“It doesn’t have a complete narrative. I do that all the time; I usually have quite a big story line… This time I wanted to give a lot of gorgeous, beautiful looks, which I don’t usually go for,” she told MTV. “But it’s mostly just a beautiful video that is supposed to evoke this power of love.”

So where exactly did she come up with the idea for the elaborate sets and fashion?

“The music video is kind of inspired by a couple different movies, like Dangerous Liaisons and Anna Karenina,” she explains. Also, it’s filled with symbolism and “heavy metaphors” like being struck by a car representing “when love hits you.”

If you dig “Unconditionally” and its upbeat pop sounds, check out Perry’s album Prism, which is filled with some seriously sweet music.

Images courtesy of KatyPerryVEVO on YouTube.