Kayaker Sarah Outen makes history

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Sarah Outen
Does Sarah walk around her boat… Happy Socks… bare foot? Well, that’s an unexpected twist!

Is there anything more satisfying than working out, or the burning sensation of muscles when your shoes crunch gravel? Probably not, and 28-year-old Sarah Outen deserves some serious recognition for her athletic ability. The British adventurer became the first woman to kayak solo from Japan to Alaska!

She started at Choshi, Japan on April 27 and travelled 3,750 miles, arriving at an Aleutian Island after 150 days at sea. “I have had some of the most intense and memorable months of my life out on the Pacific. It has been brilliant and brutal at the same time,” Outen said after her trip. “And it has been a privilege.”

Wow! I can’t run 5 miles without catching my breath! I can’t begin to imagine the physically draining journey she faced. On her quest, she battled dangerous seas and faced trouble when her boat, Happy Socks, threatened to flip over. If you don’t think that’s scary, try to remember she was alone at sea! Not only does the ocean have endless amounts of terrifying aquatic creatures, but the rough waves have taken many lives before.

Regardless, Outen’s remarkable bravery could not be possible without strong willpower. She mentioned that seeing wildlife such as albatrosses and whales made up for all the uncomfortable moments. Okay, she saw dangerous creatures, but did she face off with deadly gnashing teeth? Yep! The highlight of her trip was a shark circling her boat! Thankfully, she was not harmed or forced to recreate the movie Jaws.

Now, all that is very impressive, but Outen has a long list of achievements behind her name! Before kayaking from Japan to Alaska, she became the youngest and first woman to row alone across the Indian Ocean in 2009! Do you think athletes like this ever get tired or bored? Nope! Next year, she’s momentarily ditching the kayak, and cycling across Canada and North America before attempting another solo run across the Atlantic Ocean!

Image courtesy of Sarah Outen Facebook. Video courtesy of Core Cambridge on YouTube.