Keep germs out of your home

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

cleaning supplies
If you’re going to clean, be sure to use protective gloves, and keep all products away from your eyes and mouth!

Some individuals believe exposing their bodies to as many germs as possible is a great way to build their immune system. However, even people who are as healthy as a horse can fall victim to deadly germs if they aren’t careful. That’s why it’s important to take a few steps to keep your home as germ free as possible, and here’s a few ways to make that happen.

First, if you care about your toothbrush at all, put the toilet lid down before flushing! I know this seems like a strange tip, but every flush launches tiny pieces of disgusting waste into the air, and they like to stick to moist places… like your toothbrush. I know, it’s gross right? “We all know the bathroom is not the cleanest place,” says Dr. Rose Devasia, assistant professor at University of Louisville School of Public Health and Information Sciences in Louisville, Kentucky. Putting down the lid will definitely address that problem, and it’s so simple to do.

Well, taking off any footwear as soon as you enter a home is easy too. When we walk outside, all kinds of icky germs collect on the bottom of our feet like metal to magnets. If we walk around inside our homes wearing these same shoes, guess where they end up? Yup, all over the carpets and rugs. If you’re the type who doesn’t mind placing shoes on their beds, your pillow can have traces of stuff like bird poop! Take a couple of seconds to untie those laces and keep sneakers and sandals on shoe racks.

Another bug-infested area is the kitchen, which should be disinfected regularly. “Chlorine bleach is your friend,” says Douglas Powell, professor of diagnostic medicine and pathobiology at Kansas State University. If you keep your kitchen clean and handle food the right way, there’s no reason to become 1 of the 6 Americans who catches food poisoning every year.

Featured image courtesy of tiggy on Flickr. Image of cleaning supplies courtesy of Phillip Wilson on Flickr.