Ken Griffey Jr. gets emotional at his Hall of Fame event

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

When the Seattle Mariners honored Ken Griffey Jr. by immortalizing him in their Hall of Fame, he felt a deep appreciation for his fans and team. He’s the seventh member of the team’s Hall of Fame, and during an emotional event on Saturday night, Griffey talked for 25 minutes about his baseball memories and personal feelings. He said, “I am truly honored and humbled to be associated with these people here.” What really brought Griffey to tears, as well as his former teammate Jay Buhner, was when he turned to Buhner and said, “There is no other person in the world, other than my parents, that if something happened to me or my wife, that I would want to raise my kids.”

Featured image courtesy of Keith Allison on Flickr.