Killer shrimp and quagga mussels attack UK

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Quagga mussels can clog waterways and cripple ships.

Species of killer shrimp and quagga mussels are invading the United Kingdom through manmade European canals, disrupting the natural ecological balance of aquatic environments.

Not only do the invaders multiply and consume other critters, they can block water pipes and harm boat hulls. The killer shrimp is a type of crustacean from Eastern Europe that slays damselflies, hoglice, fish leeches, and small fish, often without even eating them afterwards.

Dr. David Aldridge, who has researched the mega species invasion, explains, “The invader we are most concerned about is the quagga mussel, which alarmingly was first discovered in the UK just two weeks ago. This pest will smother and kill our native mussels, block water pipes and foul boat hulls.”

Featured image courtesy of Charlie J on Flickr. Image of quagga mussels courtesy of Government of Alberta on Flickr.