Laser-eye surgery may cure blindness in 10 years

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Dr. Josef Bille pioneered laser-eye surgery.

As blindness afflicts more and more people across the globe, laser-eye surgery pioneer Dr. Josef Bille believes that the sight-robbing disability will be cured in 10 years.

The World Health Organization is becoming increasingly concerned about blindness, especially since 4 in 5 cases out of 250 million people with visual disabilities are preventable or curable.

Bille believes that the key to curing blindness once and for all comes from “femtosecond” lasers, which are tiny beams of focused light that can target molecules and make an eye have perfect vision. He’s also developing highly-detailed “wavefront” scanning that can provide surgeons with critical information about a patient’s eye.

“It’s a treatment which can make every eye perfect,” explains Bille. “We call it perfect vision, it is twice as good as normal vision, so you see twice as fine detail at much better contrast… Five times better contrast vision at dim lighting conditions, rain or in foggy areas.”

Featured image courtesy of Sarah Scicluna on Flickr. Image of Dr. Josef Bille courtesy of EPOfilms.