LeBron James leads Heat in blowout win against Knicks…

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

LeBron James came riding into town with a black mask on this past Thursday, and like some kind of Zorro-esque bandit outlaw, stole the game from the New York Knicks. He knocked 31 balls into the hoop, as Miami delivered a 108-82 blowout punch. James said, “I tried to put pressure on the defense, tried to make plays and I was happy to be back on the floor.” Out of 19 shots, he made 13, and says he’ll keep playing with the mask for the couple of weeks! So, why was he dressing up in a dramatic costume? Well, the dark carbon-fiber mask is meant to protect his broken nose, but I’m sure he’s enjoying the war paint effect of intimidating other players.

Featured image courtesy of Miami Heat Facebook.