Legend of Korra reveals Wan, the first Avatar

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Legend of Korra NYCC
Korra is surprised to meet Wan, the first Avatar.

At New York Comic Con, fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender and the The Legend of Korra eagerly anticipated footage from the second season of Korra.

A preview from the first half of the hour-long “Beginnings Part 1” was shown, in advance of its October 18 release date. Showing off beautiful artwork inspired by Japanese woodblock and Chinese ink wash, the story creators take a trip back in time to get to know the first Avatar, Wan!

The episode begins where the last one left off, as Fire Sages drag the injured Korra from the shore. She whispers the name “Rava” over and over, and then a Fire Sage elder channels healing into her – in a way remarkably similar to waterbending healing.

Korra struggles to connect her physical and spiritual sides as she flashes through past Avatars like Aang and Roku before settling on Wan, the first Avatar. He offers help in finding Rava, and the rest of the episode takes place in a time before the Avatars brought balance to the physical and spiritual worlds.

While reactions to the current darker series have been mixed, introducing Wan will center Korra’s story with less political back-and-forth and more becoming-one-with-spirits. That’s good as far as I’m concerned, because the series is at its best when it’s charming, fun, and free-wheeling. I’m not sure I can take much more of the melodrama, so these new “Beginnings” are a welcome sign!

Images courtesy of Legend of Korra and Nickelodeon.