LEGO’s environmentally-friendly blocks help Earth

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

LEGO goals
These are just a few of LEGO’s environmental goals.

LEGO is going green with a $150 million push to replace its plastic building blocks with a new environmentally-friendly material.

In their efforts to make sure “Everything Is Awesome”, the company is working hard to reduce their impact on Mother Earth, which is sure to upset Lord Business. Last year, they produced 60 billion LEGO pieces, so making the move away from plastic would be huge!

They’ve already begun investing in things like wind power and cutting down the size of their packages, to help reduce their carbon footprint. In 2013, they started partnering with the World Wildlife Fund, and in 2014, they ended a 50-year relationship with Shell because of the oil company’s questionable drilling in the Arctic.

Over 100 employees are now tinkering with renewable materials for the blocks.

Images courtesy of LEGO.