London Fashion Week

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

London fashion
We don’t know where Christopher Kane was going with that skirt, but the comfy long sleeve does look very hip!

The crowds at London Fashion Week are usually packed with magazine editors, photographers, and celebrities, but this season it welcomed ordinary, everyday shoppers! See, for many fashionistas, the event is a sacred convention that only Versace-wearing, Louboutin-rockin’ models can attend. This year, however, the British Fashion Council is throwing commoners a bone and letting them attend. What better way to attract the non-Vogue crowd, than getting designers Christopher Kane and Stella McCartney to create “down-to-earth” outfits?

Let’s start with Christopher Kane who brought back the affordable “graphic tee” and floral print. You know, those sweaters and T-shirts with the super cool designs and words that say “Too Cute For School!” Well, his models completely rocked the floral printed tops with everything from skirts to long pants and blazers! His fashion statement for the season? Glamming up the rest of your look to make up for the scrubby fresh-out-of-the-dryer t-shirt. If your mom ever complains about your outfit again, don’t hesitate in showing her Kane’s clothing line!

Now, who closed the show and really turned heads with her outrageous interpretation of athletic gym wear? It was none other than Stella McCartney for Adidas! McCartney, who designed the Team Great Britain outfits for last year’s Olympics, converted a large warehouse into a massive gym for her showcasing. Along with the gym theme, she used real athletes instead of models to show off her new range of sportswear. She described her line as ‘bonkers with a capital B’ before saying, “People don’t have to be ashamed of their sportswear anymore. These leggings, for example, you could wear them to work out and then drop into [a restaurant] on the way home without being embarrassed.”

Hm, as much as I can dig the new fashion trends, I may have to pass on ever attending one of these shindigs. Seeing the celebrities would be awesome, but I’d rather stay in the comfort of my sweatshirt without designers nitpicking at my outfit!

Images courtesy of London Fashion Week Facebook