Look out A-Rod, it’s a federal investigation

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

As if A-Rod and the other 20 or so MLB players weren’t already feeling the heat for being involved in the Biogenesis performance-enhancing drug (PED) scandal, now a major investigator is getting in on the action. US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) superstar agent, Jeff Novitzky, is stepping up to the plate. The bat he’s swinging is not the kind that’s likely to strike out, either. See, he’s become well-known in the world of sports drug scandals for the past decade, having led the criminal investigations of other major PED bad boys like Roger Clemens, BALCO lab, and Lance Armstrong. Talk about bringing out the heavy-hitter! Novitzky is first focusing on Biogenesis for the time being, which is making the clinic’s founder, Tony Bosch, very nervous. In fact, one of the conditions that Bosch agreed to when deciding whether or not to cooperate with the MLB’s own investigation, was that they help keep a criminal investigation away from his doorstep. How this drama will play out is anybody’s guess, but with an all-star FDA agent like Novitzky, you can bet that the guilty are feeling mighty nervous. It’s one thing for A-Rod and his lawyer to negotiate suspensions and bans with the MLB, but it’s quite another thing for A-Rod to possibly be subpoenaed (forced to show up to court and talk) about Biogenesis.