Magician John Calvert dies at 102

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

John Calvert teaching
John Calvert teaching a class to magicians.

On Saturday, one of Hollywood’s favorite magicians, John Calvert, passed away at the age of 102 years old. So, do you believe in magic? What about firing women from cannons without leaving any scratches? Sounds like it’s pretty impossible, right?! Well, Calvert could do it all! He performed his first show as an 8-year-old and toured the world for the first time at 18. Talk about living the dream…

His stage shows often included insanely awesome illusions like floating over the audience while playing the organ with his wife. Now, if you’ve ever watched Scooby Doo, then maybe you’ll remember the episode where Shaggy shoved his pooch in a box and sawed him in half! Sounds scary, but don’t worry, no dogs were harmed in the process…

Anyways, Calvert created the original trick, but instead of sawing someone in half, he’d nip their head off clean. Of course, no expert magician ever reveals their secret, but we really want to know how someone loses their noggin without rushing to the hospital.

So, as if being a magician wasn’t an awesome enough career, Calvert was also a part-time actor! He starred in a little over 40 movies as background characters, the occasional lead, and get this – a hand stunt double! What? Well, the enchanting gentleman had such fast fingers that they’d use him as a sneaky thief who could deal playing cards and steal money.

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Quick hands and multi-talented career aside, when you think of someone being 100 years old, it’s hard to imagine them so full of life! John Calvert, however, never let his age become an issue. At 100, he appeared at the London Palladium stage, fulfilling his lifetime dream. In case you were wondering, there is no special secret to living a long life – it’s all about attitude! “Every morning when I wake up, I say, ‘The world is my stage, I’m an actor and I’m going to play the part of a young man all day long,’” says Calvert. “Don’t be a pessimist. Expect to live 100 years or more. It can be done. It’s not magic.”

Whether or not it’s magic, Calvert’s tricks brought joy to many people. Even after his death, we can take his words and apply them to our everyday life! Instead of thinking negative, always be positive.

Images courtesy of John Calvert Facebook.