Malik leaves 1D, Swift joins “Greatest World Leaders”

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Taylor Swift is definitely music royalty.

Music fans shed many tears of sadness and joy this week, because One Direction singer Zayn Malik left the band and Taylor Swift was ranked #6 on Fortune magazine’s “Greatest World Leaders” list.

Let’s start off with Ms. Swift! The country-star-turned-pop-diva has been a very positive influence on millions of fans, with her upbeat lyrics and clean cut looks. She knows how to be edgy and classy at the same time, earning her widespread respect and success. Swift dominated 2014 with her 1989 album, which broke multiple records and was the year’s biggest-selling album.

Thanks to snappy songs like “Shake It Off”, Swift further established herself as the Queen Bee of the music scene. I wonder if Beyonce is feeling jealous! Fortune praised Swift for leaving Spotify’s streaming service and becoming the highest-paid woman in music.

And now, for the bad news. Malik’s 14 million Twitter followers went nuts last week when he announced his departure from One Direction. Why is he leaving? Malik says he wants to live like a “normal 22 year old”. Is that a step in the right… direction? How do you become “un-famous”? The news even caused hundreds of employees to ask for “compassionate leave” in Britain, which normally allows people to take time off if there’s a death in the family! Sheesh. One Direction’s popularity certainly hasn’t changed… direction… with all four of its studio albums reaching Number 1 on the Billboard 200 and last year’s world tour grossing $290 million. They’re definitely rivaling The Beatles in terms of success, but Malik’s departure is sure to shake things up. After all, NSYNC kind of deflated after Justin Timberlake left!

Featured image courtesy of One Direction Facebook. Image of Taylor Swift courtesy of Taylor Swift Facebook.