Man volunteers for world’s first head transplant

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

The headless horseman definitely needed a proper head transplant.

Someone call Ichabod Crane, because a man has volunteered for the world’s first head transplant!

Will he end up hurling fiery pumpkins at residents of Sleepy Hollow? Hopefully not!

A 30-year-old Russian with a muscle loss disease has been chosen for the daring head transplant, which will be performed by “mad scientist” Dr. Sergio Canavero.

The medical project is called HEAVEN-GEMINI, which sounds like the sort of name that Dr. Frankenstein and Dr. Evil would come up with for a supervillain lair on the Moon. The plan calls for 150 doctors and nurses, electrical stimulation that mimics the nerves, a 36-hour operation, and a month-long coma (a state of unconsciousness).

It may also require a medieval castle, pitchfork-wielding villagers, and lightning. Many medical experts are skeptical of the procedure, referring to it as a fate worse than death, while others are surely wondering if it will lead to Robocop armies. I’ve heard of losing your mind and getting in over your head, but this is just plain weird! What’s next, a turtle with the head of Britney Spears?

Featured image courtesy of 20th Century Fox. Image of headless horseman courtesy of Disney.