Measure fat burn with your breath

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

After a brisk morning jog, now you can measure the acetone in your breath!

If a person doesn’t understand how the body works, they can trick themselves into thinking their exercise is making them gain weight! This is because muscle is heavier than fat, so when people lose fat and gain muscle, it appears like they are gaining weight. A new breathalyzer from NTT DoCoMo, a phone company in Japan, may clear up the confusion.

You see, when our bodies burn fat, it produces a gas called acetone. The more fat that’s burned, the more of this gas that’s released when we breathe. “A scale does not provide a very good prediction of how you are doing, and body-fat measurement is not that accurate,” says Samar Kundu, who works at a medical-device making company called  Sword Diagnostics. “Breath acetone is much more predictive that you are burning fat.”

Did I forget to mention that the breathalyzer connects to a smartphone? Yup, all you would have to do is plug in a wire or connect it via Bluetooth to your cell phone. When you breathe into the device, you can see how much acetone is in your breath within 10 seconds

“Enabling users to monitor the state of fat-burning could play a… role in daily diet management,” says Tsuguyoshi Toyooka from NTT Docomo.

So, if people are trying to shape up, this portable device would sure be handy.