Miley Cyrus is a shameful embarassment

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

miley punk
Miley’s new look is 50% shocking and 50% embarrassing.

Disney Channel prides itself on producing well-respected teenage role models for their child viewers to look up to. Ironically, they’ve also produced three of Hollywood’s biggest train-wrecks: Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, and Miley Cyrus. There’s probably something in the water over at the Disney Studios…

Cyrus, in particular, is focused on ditching the title of Disney princess in all the wrong ways. Instead of relying solely on her voice, she’s taken to completely demolishing the image of southern sweetheart Disney created with raunchy dance moves. From Hannah Montana to the self-proclaimed provocative dancing “Party Queen,” Miley’s reign as the princess of Disney Channel is officially done. Now, whether or not that is voluntary, can be up for discussion.

Three strikes doesn’t cut it when it comes to explaining this downward spiral, but we can try. We should have seen it coming when Miley Cyrus donned a sheet over her torso and called it “art.” You think the backlash would have made an impact on Miley’s mentality, but instead matters got worse. A few years later she was photographed smoking a drug called salvia at a party. At this point, Miley had plenty of options to choose from. She didn’t issue an apology after the situation, but instead tried to use it as an excuse to tell fans that she wasn’t a little girl anymore. Granted, her attitude didn’t convince anyone. Which leads us to our strike three. Miley’s VMA appearance receives the title of worst performance of the year. Cyrus took the stage in a skimpy outfit, wowed the crowd with the twitching she calls dancing, and scratched her itchy butt on singer Robin Thicke. Did we mention this dude’s almost 40, and Miley’s 20?

So, what exactly is Miley’s deal? Do we take notes from Lohan and blame drugs, or is the spotlight for child stars just way too bright and blinding? Mind you, celebrities are people too. They’re normal, they have lives, and they like to have fun, but nah. Let’s stop giving her the benefit of the doubt and get to the serious issues. Cyrus was the poster child of Disney Channel for more than 4 years. “Hannah Montana” became a $150 million dollar franchise that received almost all of its money from little girls.

See, while Miley may have called it quits a few years ago, she’s going to have to deal with the fact that she is still an idol for many young children. Society is obsessed with the lives of celebrities; it’s interesting to see what they’re doing, how they’re spending their money, and who they’re hanging out with. Because of this, celebrities – Disney ones in particular – have a responsibility to maintain a wholesome image that encourages kids to make better choices.

With the likes of Justin Bieber cruising Hollywood like he owns the streets, it’s safe to say that there are enough punks in the industry. We don’t need to add Miley Cyrus to our celebrity blacklist, but it seems like we’re going to have to. You don’t earn $150 million dollars and then bite the hand that feeds you, Smilerz. We don’t blame Miley for trying to get new roles outside of Disney, but if she wants to keep the success she’s gained from her younger years, then she’ll drop the attitude and ditch the embarrassing fake Hip-Hop phase.

Featured image courtesy of MTV, John Shearer, and Inovision. Miley Cyrus punk image courtesy of Miley Cyrus Instagram.