Futuristic aircraft carrier will transport drones

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

An aircraft drone carrier could drop off unmanned flying robots for spy missions.

What’s cooler than unmanned flying robotic drones? An aircraft carrier filled with them! The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, which develops some of the most futuristic technology for the USA’s Department of Defense, is designing a flying transport for military spy drones.

Drones are critical to providing America’s military with intelligence and information, zipping across skies with stealthy cameras and powerful missiles. These remote-controlled machines prevent soldiers from risking their lives, by offering a safe alternative for flying into enemy territory.

Although drones come in all shapes and sizes, they’re limited by how far they can travel before needing more fuel. Having them drop out of an aircraft carrier midflight could expand their range and allow for deeper surveillance of unknown terrain. Then, once the drones have finished swooping around and zooming in on targets, they can return to the carrier for a safe exit.

Images courtesy of DARPA.