Miss Florida and Delaware pageants crown wrong girls

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Runner-up Victoria Owen (left) will be crowned Miss Florida instead of Elizabeth Fechtel, and runner-up Brittany Lewis (right) will become Miss Delaware in lieu of Amanda Longacre.

States across the country have been crowning their top beauties this past week for a shot at the Miss America pageant, which will take place on September 14 this year. However, what should have been a happy triumph for Miss Florida and Miss Delaware turned to shocking surprise when pageant errors forced them to give up their crowns!

First, Miss Delaware lost her queenly title because 24-year-old Amanda Longacre is apparently too old! Miss America contestants are required to be between the ages of 17 and 24, and since Longacre turns 25 before the year’s end, she’s disqualified. “I was not aware of that,” said Longacre. “It is in the contract however, but it’s very deeply hidden in the contract and, because I was told of my eligibility, I assumed that my paperwork was being verified by the board.” You’d think someone in the organization would have noticed before accepting her! Sadly, she’ll be losing the $11,000 scholarship, and runner-up Brittany Lewis will be crowned Miss Delaware on Thursday.

The next casualty of sloppy record-keeping was 20-year-old Elizabeth Fechtel in Florida, who was the right age, but shouldn’t have won the Miss Florida event because of a vote-counting mistake. For 5 days, Fecthel looked forward to representing her state, but then pageant officials admitted that one judge had changed his mind at the last second and drew lines on his ballot to indicate a reverse choice! Ouch. Now, runner-up Victoria Owen will receive the crown.

Featured image courtesy of Allen J. Photography and Miss Florida Scholarship Pageant Facebook. Image of newly crowned winners courtesy of Miss America Facebook.