Mission Bit teaches kids computer coding for free

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

missionbit organization
By teaching kids to code, Mission Bit is giving them a valuable advantage in a future filled with computer careers.

Looking at computer codes can seem like a jumble of letters and symbols, especially for students who have never taken a computer science class. A volunteer organization called Mission Bit is looking to change that by providing young students with free computer coding training.

Currently, Mission Bit provides its services to dozens of middle school and high school students in the city of San Francisco, and their track record is pretty impressive. About 89% of the kids enrolled in the program last semester started the classes without knowing anything about computer codes. However, 90% finished the program having designed their own video games! The computer fundamentals these young scholars are learning could be what they need for a promising career in the growing field of computer science.

According to the US Department of Labor, computer-related jobs are expected to increase by an average of 22% by the year 2020, so it’s important that young folks get a head start mastering the basics. Mission Bit is doing its part, and they hope to reach more children in the coming years.

Featured image courtesy of Mission Bit on Twitter. Image of San Francisco training courtesy of Mission Bit Facebook.