Mobile World Congress 2014 comes to a close

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

WeOn glasses
Wearables like the high-tech Weon glasses can access social media, e-mails, and music, while also taking photos and linking up with your smartphone.

The Mobile World Congress 2014 – a convention for the mobile communication industry – has been going strong this week, showing off the latest gadgets coming to market. As the show winds down to an end, we can finally look at the big picture and see what implications MWC 2014 has for the mobile communication industry as a whole.

For one, it seems like a greater portion of the world will be part of the mobile communication industry at large. Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg gave a keynote address during the convention where he touched upon his plans to provide free internet for areas with very limited or no connection. The project is known as, and other large companies such as Samsung and Nokia are in on the movement as well.

Speaking of large phone companies, it seems like many of them are focused on bringing smartwatches and smartbands to the mainstream. Samsung announced not one, but two of the wearable devices at the MWC 2014. Meanwhile, Sony announced their SmartBand wearable gear will track fitness in a simple, waterproof band. Motorola and HTC also claimed they are going to join the smartgear movement as early as the year’s end.

While there has been a serious focus on cutting-edge communications technology, there was still room for the tech pieces that chose to follow the path less traveled. Weon Glasses from Ion Eyewear look like a regular pair of spectacles, but in fact they’re designed to notify a wearer when their phone receives a message. As for the Martian Notifier, it may not look like a smartwatch, but that’s because it was designed to notify a person on the down low.

All in all, it seems like the mobile communications industry is truly making the internet a worldwide phenomenon. Three years down the road, smartwatches may become as essential as smartphones are today.

Featured image courtesy of samsungtomorrow on Flickr. Image of WeOn Glasses courtesy of WeOn Glasses.