Modern music culture’s bad taste

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Miley Cyrus
The enemy of good taste herself, Miley Cyrus.

Okay, I get it. Young men and women love getting respect and praise, but what happens when they chase it down a dark path? I am seeing some irreversible damage happening as a result of pop culture. It’s tragic to witness young minds poisoned by shallow female charmers claiming to represent “girl power,” thugs promoting vengeful pride in the name of “social justice,” and a whole line of talentless copycats chomping at the bit to overexpose themselves.

I mean, why’s there such a high demand for it? It’s mind-boggling to see the views that Miley Cyrus is getting on her tragic “Wrecking Ball” video. Social media runs wild with people calling themselves artists and mimicking the famous ones, without understanding what they’ll sacrifice by posing for degrading photos alongside people who would have once been laughed out of a music studio. I’m not saying we all need to go back to the days when Mozart was the big name in music, but we need to stop letting mediocrity turn up the volume without getting checked. It’s a domino effect, where all the peacocks see the feathers flashing and sell their souls to get noticed.

When artists like Cyrus aren’t encouraging the use of life-threatening drugs like Molly, they’re celebrating a party-hard distraction from inner emptiness and emotional pain. It’s all wrapped up in a neat bow of “freedom” and “fighting the system” when all that people like Robin Thicke, Rihanna, and Bieber want is to jump on the toxic cash cow to rake in millions, even if it means selling mental sludge to infect an entire generation.

Now, if someone has a dream of becoming a musician, they see the success that these pretenders gained and start mimicking it. They might spin different lyrics or paint a new harmony on it, calling themselves absurd nicknames made up of misspelled words, but the chase for local, and then national celebrity grinds them into a gear for greedy producers. Oh, did I mistakenly call these up-and-comers musicians? Half these people can’t even play an instrument, and when their voices aren’t ultra-synthesized into artificial untruth, they’re just removing articles of clothing to get noticed or glorifying violent neighborhoods to “raise awareness.” Why are we rewarding half-wits who can barely string sentences together with millions upon millions of dollars? Nobody’s speaking up, that’s why. The culture of “tolerance” and “open-mindedness” is surprising close-minded and intolerant of anyone who points out how toxic its pet causes are.

Popular music seems to always pick the low hanging fruit now, which means exploiting young artists, and making them believe it was their idea along. Not to make them sound ultra-impressionable, but the older you get, the more you realize how molded you were by your surroundings. It’s a very fragile time in which many parents fear for their children’s psychology, and I wonder sometimes why Billy Ray Cyrus defends his daughter’s public emotional collapse.

Featured image courtesy of Robin Thicke Facebook. Image of Miley Cyrus courtesy of Miley Cyrus Facebook.