Monsters University schools World War Z and Man of Steel

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

Fans of Pixar’s 2001 Monsters, Inc have been waiting a very long time for their curiously cuddly monsters to make another appearance on the big screen. See, Pixar has a very strong tradition of releasing movies that not only score well with the critics, but also make tons of money. That’s rare in a movie industry where there’s often not any relationship between critics reviewing a movie well or poorly and it succeeding.

Monsters University green female studentWhen Monsters University released this past weekend to the tune of $82 million in the US, it outran Brad Pitt’s zombie movie World War Z’s $66 million and even took down Man of Steel’s $41.2 million like green kryptonite. Come to think of it, that monsters over there looks like kryptonite with glasses!

How about the critics though? Some are saying that Monsters University – which has an average critic rating of 64% at Metacritic after 37 reviews – is not keeping up the Pixar tradition of being beloved by fans and critics. But hey, be your own critic and check out the movie yourself.

While Monsters University is the 14th film produced by Pixar, it’s actually a prequel to the storyline of Monsters Inc. Monster “Mike” Wazowski has been accepted at the highly ranked Monsters University, and majors in “scaring” to become a professional monsters.

So, get your scary faces on and let’s hit the books with Monsters University.

Images courtesy of Pixar.