[Movie Review] Big Hero 6

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Big Hero 6
The adorably chubby Baymax.

Ready to save the world with a chubby robot by your side? Then grab your wrenches and computer programming skills, because Disney’s Big Hero 6 is a computer-generated flick with tons of heart and thrills.

The story is set in a Tokyo-like San Francisco, called San Fransokyo, as teen robotics genius Hiro Hamada takes on the evil Yokai with his adorably roly-poly Baymax bot.

The visuals are a colorful rainbow of energetic zaps and high-tech blasts, with the musical excitement to match. Baymax definitely steals the show, though, with his blend of cuddly warmth and kung fu power.

Although the story quickly enters familiar territory, with a plucky youngster flattening a city in an epic showdown with pure evil, it’s definitely fun. I only wish they’d added some depth to the villain and some flaws to the hero, to make them a bit more believable. Still, you won’t regret taking a robo-tastic journey through San Fransokyo. Our final verdict? We give this flick a “B+”.

Images courtesy of Disney.