[Movie Review] Edge of Tomorrow

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Edge of Tomorrow poster
Eat popcorn. Watch movie. Repeat.

Tom Cruise is no stranger to science-fiction movies, where his intense personality has come alive in flicks like Oblivion, War of the Worlds, and Minority Report. Now, Cruise is living on the Edge of Tomorrow as a soldier caught in a time-traveling loop during an alien invasion. The action-packed and mind-bending story grips you from the beginning, and even though it gets a bit repetitive halfway through, you won’t want to miss this thriller.

Some movies like to ease you into the characters and plot, slowly revealing the main conflict and building suspense. That’s most definitely not the case in Edge of Tomorrow, which drops you right in the middle of a fierce alien invasion. Cruise plays William Cage, a cocky military media-relations guy who can talk the talk but gets shaky in real combat. When he’s forced to participate in the United Defense Force’s mega strike against the aliens invaders, he quickly dies!

Don’t get up from your seats just yet, though, because Cage suddenly finds himself waking up at the beginning of the military strike against the tentacled alien invaders. Soon, the movie’s tagline of “Live. Die. Repeat.” begins to make sense, as Cruise keeps surviving a little bit longer with each cycle of death and rebirth. He joins forces with the stunningly beautiful and tough Rita Vrataski, played perfectly by Emily Blunt, as they work to win back Earth once and for all by taking advantage of the time-traveling loop.

The visual effects are top-notch, striking a balance between gritty reality and science-fiction imagination. Every explosion, whooshing alien, and thundering strike of Cage’s exoskeleton suit crackle across the screen with believable sound and visuals, and you’ll find yourself laughing quite a few times at the surprisingly humorous time-traveling antics of the characters. As the climax takes you deeper into France, Germany, and then back to Paris, you’ll be stuffing popcorn into your mouth and smiling at the excitement. Despite the whole live, die, and repeat cycle getting a little old towards the end, we give this film a solid “B+”.

Images courtesy of Edge of Tomorrow Facebook.