[Movie Review] Getaway

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Selena Getaway
The guy on the phone did say to crash into everything…

As a huge fan of the Disney channel, I’m always a little excited when the Disney kids venture off from mediocre childish acting to do some serious flicks. Now, I know Getaway completely bombed at the box office, but I had to see for myself if Selena Gomez was as bad as they claimed!

The movie follows a former racecar driver, Brent Magna (Ethan Hawke), who receives a phone call from an anonymous source saying his wife is being held hostage. He must then follow all the seemingly useless orders – such as “crash into that podium!” or “outrace the train!” – given by a man on the phone to save his wife. Along the way, he meets a teenage girl conveniently nicknamed “The Kid” (Gomez) who so happens to be a master computer technician with the ability to hack cars and computers using just her iPad. Yeah, we snorted at that too! Kids these days and their technology…

So, anyways, the movie starts off with the promise of a spontaneous car-racing adventure through the streets of Bulgaria. However, once the man responsible for kidnapping Magna’s wife starts menacingly barking for him to “Crash into anything!”, the movie starts to feel less like an action flick, and more like a child bossing his friend around while playing a video game. Now, if a dude shouting orders through the sound system isn’t scoff-worthy, then the scenes of multiple cars crashing into crowds of people with no visible casualties will have your eyes rolling faster than the car’s screeching tires.

As for the acting, Ethan Hawke was amazing, but managed to make Gomez look like the same little girl who starred on the Disney Channel years ago. Sure, her acting has improved, but she’s overshadowed entirely and fails to nail the more emotional scenes without looking overdramatic.

Now, when it comes to redeeming factors, the movie only had one. Every so often they’d switch up the camera so that it looked like the audience was actually behind the wheel of the car. It was pretty exhilarating to see the world blur as the car picked up speed, and swerve out of the way from being crashed.

I’ll always love Selena Gomez and support her, but save the dough and run away as fast as you can from this flick. The final verdict? C-

Images courtesy of Getaway Facebook.