[Movie Review] Gravity

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Hey! Do you think if I look close enough, I can see my house?!

When I was a tiny little tot, I always dreamt about going to the moon and watching the sun rise over the Earth. I also imagined how beautiful the galaxy must look with its twinkling stars and planets scattered everywhere. Sometimes, when I close my eyes, I can see outer space and the soaring comets zooming over my head.

Anyways, my dreams of being an astronaut came to an end when I realized I get motion sickness on roller coasters. Can you imagine how fast a spaceship must go in comparison?! I’d be hurling chunks everywhere! Not to mention, Alfonso Cuarón’s intergalactic box office hit, Gravity, only reinforced the idea that traveling out into the unknown is totally terrifying.

So, what do you when you’re stuck millions of miles away from home? Probably cry and hope someone can help. Now, try being stranded in outer space with only one other person and no radio frequency connecting you to Houston. Do you lose all hope, or do you struggle and try to survive? Well, in Gravity the answer to that question is both.

Actress Sandra Bullock does a spectacular job of showcasing the crippling fear any astronaut would have in a life-threatening situation. I can’t begin to explain how much my heart was beating in every scene, watching her move around the shuttle attempting to get back to Earth safely. Seriously, don’t watch this movie if you hate feeling anxious, because it’s one heck of a ride! One minute, it seems like she’s going to make it, and the next you’re left wondering if she should just give up. I don’t think I’ve ever had a scarier theater experience, but I loved it.

Though the acting was superb, my attention was definitely focused on the incredible detail. It felt like I was actually in outer space while wearing the funky 3D glasses! Oh, by the way… did I mention how insanely realistic the hurtling spaceship wreckage is? Yep, try staying in your seat when they’re flying directly into your face! The last time I had a 3D experience this awesome, I was watching Avatar

If you’re a little worried about the crazy, nerve-wracking moments, then the beautiful shots of outer space and Earth make up for it! Anyways, if you’ve ever wanted to hop on a rocket ship, this is your chance. At 13 bucks a ticket, it beats having to pay NASA a billion dollars. The final verdict? A+

Images courtesy of Gravity Facebook and Warner Bros.