[Movie Review] Guardians of the Galaxy

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Marvel's Guardians
This band of outlaws are here to save the galaxy, with dark swagger and style.

Disney and Marvel Comics have done it again, fusing together imaginative science-fiction, hilariously lovable characters, and epic action with Guardians of the Galaxy. Although it’s definitely way more goofy and out-of-this-world than the Avengers movies, you’ll fall in love with the band of outlaws tasked to save the galaxy from evil. Join Rocket the gunslinging raccoon, Peter “Star-Lord” Quill, the talking tree Groot, the beautifully green Gamora, and the brutal Drax as they engage in space battles that rock your brain with special effects.

First of all, the voice acting for the animated creatures is awesome, thanks to Bradley Cooper’s snarky comebacks as Rocket and Vin Diesel’s “I’m Groot” line somehow never getting old… you know, since the living tree creature can’t say anything else. They both have excellent chemistry with Star-Lord, who is played like a wacky Han Solo by actor Chris Pratt, and it’s funny to watch their jokes fall on deaf ears with Zoe Saldana’s ultra-serious acting as Gamora. When it comes to vicious punches, maniac intimidation, and muscled awesomeness, Dave Bautista rocks it as Drax, the red-skinned alien.

The story itself stays super-focused and never gets boring, as leading man Star-Lord busts a move with his 80s music cassettes while blasting away baddies. Pretty soon, he finds himself swept up in a cosmic war against the evil plans of Thanos and Ronan, filled with space pirates, government troops, crazy aliens, and massive explosions. The music pumps your veins with rocket juice, the sound effects will thunder through your brain like laser beams, and the never-ending suspense will give your heart a real workout. By the time the movie is over, you’ll have had a healthy dose of thrills, comedy, and maybe even have shed some tears. Our final verdict? We give this flick an “A+”.

Images courtesy of Marvel Comics and Disney.