[Movie Review] How to Train Your Dragon 2

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

How to Train Your Dragon 2
A truly worthwhile sequel.

Sequels are always tricky business, because filmmakers either confuse “bigger” with “better” or they start throwing in a dozen new characters that weigh down the story. Fortunately, DreamWorks has followed up their hit How to Train Your Dragon with a fire-breathing sequel that keeps the charm, while adding more depth.

Once again, Hiccup the skinny Viking boy is swept away on an adventure aboard the wings of his trusty dragon, Toothless. Taking place five years after the first flick’s coming-of-age story, the Celtic island of Berk is now a safe place for dragons, with a hilarious sport involving sheep and dragon riders. However, Hiccup soon discovers a cruel group of dragon hunters led by a fearsome villain, and he must rally both dragons and his Viking tribe to fight in the name of freedom.

While the movie is focused on epic fantasy adventure and dazzlingly animated action scenes, there’s quite a lot of humor threaded throughout. Whether its dragons being quirky in the background or witty one-liners tossed around with superb voice acting in the dialogue, it’s clear the writers and animators poured their heart and soul into the making of How to Train Your Dragon 2. Plus, even though the story works towards a somewhat predictable conclusion, there’s enough edgy twists and fearsome scares to engage your mind’s full attention.

The blend of gorgeous scenery with dirty medieval filth really roots the otherwise fantastical world with a sense of reality. With believable characters, emotions, and dragon behavior thrown into the mix, the 3D glasses are almost not necessary to really feel drawn in. Our final verdict? We give this masterpiece an “A+”.

Images courtesy of DreamWorks and 20th Century Fox.