[Movie Review] Interstellar

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

The gorgeous scenery is awe-inspiring.

Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar blasted off this week, with mindblowing special effects and out of this world acting from Academy Award winners Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway. 

In this science-fiction future, Earth’s environment is in ruins, and a group of astronaut explorers travel beyond the galaxy through a wormhole to find a new livable planet. McConaughey’s character, a widowed engineer named Cooper, takes the voyage to make sure his two kids have a future.

Hathaway and McConaughey have great chemistry with each other, as they survive suspenseful intergalactic dangers and pull on your heartstrings with fierce emotional gravity. The dramatic musical score will flood your mind with supernovas of joy and thrilling chills.

So, buckle up and enjoy this epic ride across the stars! Our final verdict? We give this flick an “A+”.

Images courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures.