[Movie Review] One Direction: This Is Us

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Poser One Direction
Poser. Literally.

Note to self: never, ever watch a One Direction movie on opening day. Not only was I forced to wait two hours in line to get a seat because girls had pre-ordered their tickets (literally) months before, but my little cousin and I had to sit in the third row and look up at the screen the entire time. Ugh.

Okay, so One Direction: This Is Us is just about every fangirl’s dream come true. The film starts with pretty awesome shots of packed concert halls, screaming girls, and famous landmarks in cities the band has traveled to. It’s followed by footage of the boys – Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn and Louis – hanging around the tour bus while talking about how much they love their fans. If that isn’t enough to have the audience yelling and going crazy, then the concert feature of the movie will send them into hysterical fits. With the 3D glasses, it looks like the boys are extending their hand out for you to grab, and singing directly to you.

Now, here’s where the movie starts getting stale. In between performances of their hit singles, the camera captures “candid” moments among the band. These moments, though projected as endearing insights into their life, instead feel like botched acting jobs. One Direction may be talented when it comes to singing songs about lovesick teenagedom, but they do a terrible job at pretending to be excessively compassionate celebrities who could care less about partying. See, if you’ve kept tabs on the boys of One Direction, you’ll know they’re big in the party scene. As self-proclaimed “typical lads” they have no shame in saying they drink a pint of beer whenever possible. Not once in the entire movie did we get a glimpse of partying or a single reference to their girlfriends they talk so much about.

The film is part of a new theme of concert movies, like Taylor Swift: Speak Now and Justin Bieber: Never Say Never that give fans a sneak peek at their favorites on tour. Yes, the movie did give us exclusive clips, but in the most scripted, insincere fashion. Despite the charming smiles and compliments, it wasn’t enough to save the movie from being absolutely boring. The final verdict? B-

Images courtesy of One Direction Instagram.