[Movie Review] Planes: Fire and Rescue

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

These two wisecracking RVs were really the only memorable and charming characters in the movie.

Disney certainly knows how to make great films with computer-generated imagery (CGI), but there’s a big difference between Pixar’s Cars movies… and DisneyToon Studios’ spinoff series, Planes. While 2013’s Planes told an okay story about Dusty Crophopper the cropduster fulfilling his dreams of becoming a world racing champion, the sequel Planes: Fire and Rescue only really improves on the special effects and colorful scenery. As Dusty’s engine troubles lead him to become a firefighter instead of a racer, you’ll soon realize there’s not a mechanic in the world who can repair the lame jokes, “meh” story, and cheesy songs.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love a good heartwarming animated Disney film, like WALL-E, The Incredibles, and Brave. Unfortunately, those epic, deep, action-packed, and witty movies make flicks like Planes: Fire and Rescue seem very dull in comparison. First of all, the characters are rather forgettable, with the exception of the humorous RVs Harvey and Winnie. Then, while the visuals are truly beautiful when it comes to the natural scenery, fires, and explosions, the vehicles themselves aren’t much to look at. I was definitely wishing for more imagination in that department.

As far as the story goes, while the first Planes had some global adventures and intense racing that really pulled you in, Planes: Fire and Rescue is basically just a bunch of vehicles hanging out at a national park, with one mega forest fire climax that’s actually exciting. The story is practically non-existent, and you realize the movie’s just an excuse to have some intense firefighting action. There’s really no villain to root against, unless you count the fire, the songs will make you cringe with how uninspired they are, and the voice acting is as bland as unbuttered toast – even with talented actors like Dane Cook, Ed Harris, and Teri Hatcher! So, our final verdict? We give this a “C+”.

Images courtesy of Disney.