[Movie Review] The Book of Life

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

The Book of Life image
La Muerte and Xibalba, two married gods, make a wager on which man will win Maria’s heart.

Creature feature master Guillermo del Toro has produced a wonderfully imaginative new animated flick, The Book of Life, with a mythological take on Mexico’s Day of the Dead holiday. Called the “Dia de los Muertos” in Spanish, the 3-day celebrations honor friends and family members who have died, starting on the Halloween date of October 31st.

The Book of Life is a romantic tale revolving around Maria, played by Zoe Saldana, as she’s pursued by a guitar-playing descendant of bullfighters, Manolo, and a cocky military hero named Joaquin.

Diego Luna voices the lovestruck musician, while the bombastic soldier is voiced by Channing Tatum. Two married gods make a bet on which of the two men will win over Maria, with Kate del Castillo as La Muerte, ruler of the Land of the Remembered and Ron Perlman as Xibabla, who runs the Land of the Forgotten.

As fantastical landscapes, dangerous beasts, and gangs of bandits splash across the screen in magical 3D colors, you’ll be pulled in completely by the chaotic fun of this highly original tale. Every character oozes personality, bringing to life the Latin American folklore and art that fill this movie, and when you aren’t laughing at the witty jokes, your heart will swell with the enchanting soundtrack. Don’t miss this fabulous story, which is surely destined to become a classic. Our final verdict? We give this flick an “A+”.

Images courtesy of 20th Century Fox.