[Movie Review] The Fault in Our Stars

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

The movie follows the book very closely, which is a good thing in this case!

John Green’s novel, The Fault in Our Stars, tells the tale of two teenage cancer survivors falling in love. His incredibly believable characters are inspiring, because they have so much courage, emotional openness, and snarky intelligence. Fortunately, the movie version follows Green’s masterpiece very closely, and the added bonus of Shailene Woodley’s stellar acting will win you over completely.

Director John Boone successfully pulls off the tricky balance between humor and tragedy, joy and sorrow, and respect for a very serious disease. Woodley, however, definitely deserves the most credit for making The Fault in Our Stars so magical, because she positively shines with likeability as the main character Hazel Grace Lancaster. It’s amazing to think that she can go from sci-fi action star in Divergent to Oscar-worthy drama actress in The Fault in Our Stars. What talent!

So, how about her love interest August Waters? While newcomer actor Ansel Elgort manages the character well, he’s just a bit too soft and squishy, which makes Woodley’s charisma overpower him on the screen. Their chemistry is decent, but it’s really because Woodley’s glow rubs off on Elgort. Still, by the time the tragic third act rolls around, you’ll be wiping tears from your eyes! Although there’s some occasionally awkward scenes that don’t quite work or seem out of place with the rest of the movie’s tone, it’s hard not to walk out of the theater immensely satisfied. So, what’s our final verdict? We give this powerful flick an “A-”.

Featured image courtesy of 20th Century Fox. Image of book covers courtesy of John Green on Tumblr.