[Movie Review] The Maze Runner

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

The Maze Runner
The action and thrills are plentiful, but the characters aren’t terribly interesting.

The Maze Runner, based on the popular young adult trilogy by James Dashner, follows a group of boys struggling to survive a post-apocalyptic labyrinth called the Glade. The believable special effects and action-packed pace will get your heart pumping, even if the characters themselves aren’t exactly interesting.

Director Wes Ball manages to pull off the excitement of Hunger Games and Divergent, thanks in part to his visual effects artist background. Whether it’s the gruesome robotic Griever spiders or the morphing traps in the maze, the computer-generated imagery is surprisingly realistic. As a result, the gritty feel of the movie really draws you in deeply, making you flinch whenever a labyrinth wall slams or a Griever skitters ferociously.

Unfortunately, despite the star appeal of Teen Wolf’s Dylan O’Brien as the main character (Thomas), the actors don’t do a very good job of filling out their roles with charm or awesome intensity.

As the latest arrival to the Glade, Thomas encourages the boys to break free from playing it safe and take on the maze, which leads to a dramatic power struggle between him and the other survivors. When a girl arrives, competition gets even more intense, but every character is either played as a predictable tough guy or a forgettable follower. So, our final verdict? We give this flick a “B-”.

Images courtesy of The Maze Runner Facebook.