Mrs. Doubtfire sequel in the works

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Robin Williams mask
Did you know Robin Williams’ makeup for Mrs. Doubtfire took about 4 hours each day?

A followup to the hilarious 1993 comedy, Mrs. Doubtfire, is finally going to happen! If you hear screaming in the distance… don’t worry, it’s just every 90s kid reliving their worst nightmare: finding out their babysitter is actually their dad!

Years ago, Robin Williams hit the big screen as the legendary Mrs. Euphegenia Doubtfire. In the movie, Williams played a recently divorced actor who tries to get closer to his children by dressing up as their nanny. The film earned around $222 million at the box office, and even scored a Golden Globe for best comedy/musical.

Now, Robin Williams will return and pick up his role as the divorced dad-turned-housekeeper-nanny. However, Mara Wilson, who played the youngest daughter in the original flick, will not be returning.

In fact, Wilson had some pretty strong opinions regarding the sequel. “I’ve been in some mediocre movies, but I’ve never been in a sequel. And I have no interest in being in one now,” Wilson tweeted. “I think Doubtfire ended where it needed to end.”

Whether or not you’re on board for a sequel, it’s definitely happening. Chris Columbus will be back in the director’s chair, and says he is hopeful for a successful outcome.

Featured image courtesy of Mrs. Doubtfire Facebook. Image of Robin Williams’ makeup courtesy of FoxConnect Facebook.