MWC 2014: Day 2 highlights

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Check out those screens!

The Mobile World Congress – a convention for the wireless communication industry – began this past Monday. There has been a lot of buzz over Samsung’s new Galaxy S5 phone, but there’s still plenty more cool tech to be seen. Here are a few of the noteworthy devices

Russian company Yota Devices revealed their YotaPhone 2, which features two touch-enabled screens. The first is a 5-inch LED screen with all the bells and whistles of a typical smartphone display. The second screen is an e-ink display, similar to that of the Kindle. It’s intended to serve as a notification center for emails, calls, and other such things. I bet if it were a tablet, it would have gotten the MWC 2014’s Best Tablet Award, but that honor went to the iPad Air.

Even though Apple didn’t attend the convention, their tablet was still honored with the Best Mobile Tablet award at this year’s MWC. The device weighs roughly 1 pound and has a sharp ultra-HD display. Its A7 processing chip also makes it as speedy as an iPhone 5S.

This next device looks like neither a phone nor a tablet, but rather a combination of the two known as a phablet. ASUS revealed their updated Fonepad 7, which is essentially a tablet that can make phone calls. There are two models, with the main difference being that one gets 4G LTE services while the other receives more affordable 3G coverage.

Featured image courtesy of ASUS. Image of Yota phones courtesy of YotaDevices.