N. Korean dictator vanishes for 40 days

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

Kim Jong-un usually makes frequent appearances on the state-run news, which is why his recent absence has been all the more noticeable.

Kim Jong-un, the North Korean dictator who is fond of making threats against the USA and its ally, South Korea, vanished for 40 days. Now, the country’s state-run media claims that Kim is alive and well, showing photos of him walking with a cane during a tour of several facilities.

Back in 2011, Kim took over the ultra-secretive country as its supreme leader, replacing his father Kim Jong-il. During his reign, Kim has behaved in all kinds of wacky ways, reportedly forcing students to get haircuts that look like him and declaring war on Hollywood. Yep, when he saw trailers for the upcoming Seth Rogen and James Franco comedy movie, The Interview, Kim was greatly offended that its plot featured the CIA trying to assassinate him through two bumbling reporters!

He’s also been very chummy with ex-NBA player Dennis Rodman, who was famous for his zany fashion styles and strange personality. Since North Korea forbids all kinds of visitors from entering the country, whether they’re official diplomats or tourists, Rodman’s friendly hangouts have always raised eyebrows.

Despite the recent photo “evidence” of Kim’s return, experts are skeptical about whether or not the undated images prove he’s still in charge. After all, Kim hasn’t been publicly seen since a September 3 concert, and has missed several critical events.

Featured image courtesy of m.joedicke on Flickr. Image of clapping Kim courtesy of petersnoopy on Flickr.