NASA’s asteroid catcher

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

According to NASA, they plan to send brave astronauts into space to catch an asteroid while it’s darting across the starlit blackness! NASA’s Orion spacecraft will launch into space with a handful of astronauts, fantastically whip across the moon to gather speed, and slingshot towards the fast-moving rock! Once the rocket expertly attaches to the asteroid, the astronauts can safely exit Orion and dig in for samples. Of course, this is an extremely rough idea of how the actual mission will go, and there will be many changes. My only question is, what will they do if they ever discover an asteroid headed for Earth?

The more immediate threat, however, is getting funding from Congress, where several members believe the asteroid catcher is a waste of money. They think we should build a moon base instead, and then start looking at how to expand onto Mars! Either way, the future of NASA’s space program is definitely going to be interesting. Zipping around the moon to lasso an asteroid or landing on it to build a base? I can see the science-fiction awesomeness of both!

Featured image and video courtesy of NASA.