National Teacher Week honors educators

By Don Rafael, CCNN Writer

National Teacher Day
Be sure to show your appreciation by tweeting #ThankATeacher to your followers.

You might see teachers as homework-giving villains, cackling with glee as they prepare to unleash world-ending midterms and final exams, but years from now you’ll be thankful for all their effort. Working for very little pay, teachers sacrifice hours upon hours of time preparing lessons, grading assignments, and inspiring youth in their classrooms. So, while we should always be grateful for them… since today is National Teacher Day, be sure to thank your favorite teacher at school!

As part of Teacher Appreciation Week in the USA, the National Education Association (NEA) asks for everyone to honor teachers and “the lasting contributions they make to our lives.” They’re also encouraging all you social media nuts to use #ThankATeacher and join thousands in tweeting support for the nation’s educators. Not into Twitter? No problem! The NEA is also pushing for folks to make a six-second video with the Vine app, holding up a sign or giving a mini-speech thanking teachers.

Why thank teachers if they’re just doing their job? Well, many of them are college graduates who use their advanced degrees to change the world for the better, rather than making mega bucks in the business world. Plus, it looks like their efforts are working, since US high school graduation rates have hit 80% for the first time ever! Colleges are receiving more applications each year, t00, and while there’s still plenty of room for improvement, let’s give a big grateful hug to the men and women making math, English, science, art, and sports come alive for youth.

Image of #ThankATeacher courtesy of National Education Association.