NBA power rankings

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

NBA Week 4 is wrapping up, and the incredible 15-1 Pacers are still topping the charts after beating the Wizards 93-73 on Friday. The 14-2 Spurs are kicking it into high gear as well, dominating the Western Conference in the No. 2 slot even with their 94-88 loss to Oklahoma City on Wednesday. Friday’s game against Orlando Magic earned them an impressive 109-91 victory, and San Antonio has been defeating its opponents by an average of about 12 points per game. The defending 13-3 Miami champs are bringing the Heat at No. 3, taking out the Cavaliers on Wednesday and the Raptors on Friday for a nine game winning streak. As for the 13-3 Portland Trail Blazers, it’s hard to deny that they’re the rising star at No. 4, despite a 106-120 loss to the Suns on Wednesday. The No. 5 Oklahoma City Thunder is still earning their stripes, albeit with a respectable 11-3 record and a tight 113-112 win against the Warriors on Friday.

Featured image courtesy of San Antonio Spurs Facebook.